Authentic Asia™'s Declaration: we totally comprehend that responsible travel is the concrete foundation for a company in this sector to develop sustainably and to create long-term values for society. Thus, we put a high emphasis on this mission and we are oriented to build and contribute to responsible tourism.

We are not only a reliable partner for any tourism agent but also a reliable friend to society as a whole.

Unlike the popular belief that tourism is a green and no smoke industry, we as an experienced DMC especially in Indochina are fully aware of both positive and negative impacts of our operations on the surrounding environment. As a result, we are working towards a greener kind of travel within our business

Responsible tourism in Authentic Asia™’s sense is more than just a commitment toward nature. What we aim at has a broader scope, which includes the responsibility to promote a comprehensive ecosystem among the host destinations, other travel partners, and our labor force with a view to creating harmony between tourism and natural environment.

This is an important goal that is clearly stated in our mission. Each employee of Authentic Asia™ deeply understands and strictly follows the guideline for the sake of responsible tourism as they are all well trained and inspired once they enter Authentic Asia™.

We are not only a reliable partner for any tourism agent but also a reliable friend to society as a whole.

Responsible Tourism In Authentic Asia™ Practice

For The Community

We are working hand in hand with the locals in each destination to guarantee that

  • Local businesses are supported via Authentic Asia incentive policies
  • In a continuous attempt, Authentic Asia keeps seeking and discovering exotic and authentic destination to make great experiences for our travelers. We create different opportunities where native people and travelers have chances to contribute values to responsible tourism via our products.
  • Native people are employed so that our clients can have a real sense of travel
  • Experiences that connect to the genuine culture are involved and enhanced
  • All of our activities adhere to the national laws of the host destinations and are not against public morals
  • Authentic Asia is always willing to advocate an ethical community without overexploitation of nature as well as human resource

For The Environment

We are trying with all our might to boost a great sense of environmentally-friendliness by:

  • Closely practicing 4Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) in our working environment and during our tours
  • Preparing guidelines about easy green travel and distributing to both the employees and the guests
  • Guarding the carbon footprint and the plastic consumption within journeys hosted by Authentic Asia
  • Encouraging eco-tours by means of advertising and attending environment campaigns
  • Eliminating unethical activities such as wildlife animal riding from our itinerary

For The Guests

We are attentive caring for our guests’ experience due to the fact that:

  • We give the most useful information for our clients to facilitate the best decision making
  • With an effort for constant research and development, Authentic Asia™ carefully the visitors’ insight to take advantage our products, granting our guests a chance to make a contribution to environment reservation, building cultural, social values, supporting the local community
  • We offer helpful guidelines to avoid travel scams while ensuring authentic experiences
  • Our guests are suggested the best itineraries which satisfy the requirements of the guest and also follow our mission of responsible tourism
  • Our customer service work 24/7 to resolve any emergency situation

For The Ongoing And Upcoming Generation In Tourism

With a conception that responsible tourism is a long-run marathon that involves not only the board of management and senior leaders but also all of Authentic Asia™’s employees in the present and in the future. That’s why we built up a long-term project to bolster our commitment to society as a whole:

With Our Own Personnel

  • Training and communication are effectively used to raise awareness about responsible tourism
  • In the company, we create a productive working environment which offers clear guidelines for responsible tourism
  • Green commitment is reaffirmed in small activities like growing green trees, sorting garbage, saving water and energy, reuse and reduce waste…
  • We always give high praise for those who actively participate in green activities
  • Ideas for sustainable changes are encouraged with valuable prizes

With The Next Generation Workforce

  • Authentic Asia™ is a dream company for university students to harvest in their passion for tourism with an environment awareness
  • We collaborate with other institutions to organize career orientation workshops to educate the young generation about responsible travel at the early stage
  • We provide scholarship and fellowship programs for those who want to progress in the tourism industry
  • We are striving to conduct an effective channel to promote ethical and responsible manner to the young audience
  • We are willing to share and publish our information about responsible tourism practices as a successful model for young people to follow