Whale Island Resort in Nha Trang nominated for Human Act Prize

Wed, 11/08/2023 - 17:31

Whale Island Resort, situated in Hon Ong Island, Khanh Hoa, has garnered official recognition by being nominated for the 2023 Human Act Prize in the Sustainable Project category. 



The Human Act Prize, overseen by Nhan Dan Newspaper and endorsed by various governmental ministries, including the Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and the Ministry of Science and Technology, in conjunction with VCCorp, serves as a platform to honor those individuals and organizations whose commendable community initiatives and projects yield enduring, sustainable benefits for society.



Operating within the business ecosystem of Authentic Asia, Whale Island Resort has been steadfastly pursuing sustainability within Van Phong Bay, Khanh Hoa, since 1997. “Our vision revolves around the reconnection of individuals with the natural world, returning to the most unspoiled and pristine facets of our environment, guided by the unwavering principle of 'profound respect for nature.' The implementation of a rigorous construction process ensures that our facilities and amenities seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings, upholding an ethos of zero environmental detriment”, said Mr. Kien Le, CEO of Whale Island Resort.



Under the astute leadership of Mr. Kien, Whale Island Resort has undertaken an array of projects dedicated to environmental conservation in Hon Ong Island. These endeavors encompass the autonomous generation of 100% clean energy via solar panels, yielding a complete absence of greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, the resort diligently engages in the categorization and treatment of waste, and organizes trash collection activities with the participation of both staff and guests. In parallel, collaborations with local authorities and non-profit organizations have led to the release of buoys demarcating the boundaries of a 30-hectare marine protected area and the enlargement of natural forest zones, fostering nearly 50,000 square meters of fresh growth.



Visitors to Whale Island Resort are afforded the opportunity to submerge themselves in crystalline waters, explore vibrant coral reefs, partake in kayaking excursions, unearth a myriad of pristine terrestrial ecosystems, or embark on trekking expeditions through verdant forest trails to savor the rejuvenating qualities of unpolluted air. Furthermore, a unique phenomenon awaits fortunate visitors during the breeding season, typically spanning from February to May, where the sighting of whale pods in proximity to the shoreline during their hunting endeavors adds an extra layer of enchantment.



These eco-friendly contributions of Whale Island Resort are its commitment to the environment and its harmonious coexistence with nature. Through the Human Act Prize, the resort hopes to spread the message of responsible and sustainable tourism to both the local community and the world. Learn more about the Human Act Prize and Whale Island Resort's dedications to nature and the community here: