Celebrate Christmas 2023 in Hanoi | Meet K-pop idols up close, join the Midnight Mass, and walk through decorated streets

Tue, 11/28/2023 - 10:36

Embracing the festive spirit in Hanoi brings a unique twist to the traditional Western-style Christmas celebrations.




While the allure of a traditional Western-style Christmas is undeniable, have you ever imagined celebrating the holiday season in an Asian country? Step into the vibrant city of Hanoi in Vietnam, where the dynamic mood offers a fresh perspective on the festive season. In 2023, Christmas in Hanoi transcends the norm as the trending activities include up-close encounters with K-pop idols, joining the enchanting Midnight Mass, and strolling through beautifully decorated streets. 


  1. Meet K-pop idols up close at X-MAS FESTIVAL OPEN AIR #2


Following the sensational BlackPink concert in July, Hanoi gears up for another spectacular K-Pop extravaganza to cap off the dynamic year of 2023 – the X-Mas Festival Open Air #2. This festive event features a stellar lineup, ranging from legendary groups with nearly two decades of influence in the K-Pop music industry such as DBSK, Super Junior, 2PM, Highlight, Infinite, and EXO, to emerging new artists. The stage is set for an electrifying series of performances, promising to make this year's Christmas season in Hanoi unforgettable for all K-Pop enthusiasts.




The X-Mas Festival Open Air #2 music festival is scheduled for two evenings, starting with the performance on December 23, 2023, and concluding on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2023, at My Dinh National Stadium. Anticipated to be marked by spirited musical renditions and luminous fireworks, these moments are poised to be eternally cherished.




The particulars regarding the event's schedule and ticket procurement methods will be disseminated by the organizing entity in a timely manner. Should your company wish to integrate this captivating musical event into your portfolio of Vietnam travel products, please do not hesitate to reach out to Authentic Asia for collaborative support.


  1. Join the Midnight Mass at St. Joseph's Cathedral


Initiated in the late 1800s, during the period of French colonial influence, St. Joseph's Cathedral embraces the Gothic Revival style, inspired by the renowned Notre Dame de Paris. Positioned at the convergence of Nha Chung, Nha Tho, and Ly Quoc Su streets, the St. Joseph's Cathedral serves not only as a center for religious endeavors by the parishioners of the Hanoi Archdiocese but also stands as a prominent attraction for numerous tourists, particularly during the Christmas season.




As December unfolds, marking the onset of the festive season, the Cathedral embarks on a significant undertaking—the construction of an expansive Christmas tree, the meticulous arrangement of a festive grotto, and the commencement of various Christmas ornamentation activities. This meticulous preparation adds to the anticipation and joy that envelops the Cathedral. It also creates a warm and enchanting atmosphere for all who visit during this special time of the year. 



The evening of December 24 emerges as the pinnacle of embellishment for the St. Joseph's Cathedral, drawing individuals together in anticipation of this pivotal juncture in the year. The lively atmosphere gradually yields to solemnity as the cathedral's bell tolls at midnight, celebrating the birth of Jesus amid the resplendent radiance emanating from within.


  1. Walk through the magnificently decorated Hang Ma Street


As the  St. Joseph's Cathedral undergoes its festive transformation for the upcoming holiday season, the bustling shopping haven of Hang Ma Street is already abuzz with activity. Merchants here diligently prepare an array of Christmas items a full month in advance, creating an atmosphere that invites both leisurely shopping and joyful sightseeing.