Vietnam Airlines receives 5-star rating at APEX awards

Wed, 10/04/2023 - 11:52

In a resounding achievement, Vietnam Airlines, the flag carrier of Vietnam, has been honored with the coveted Five Star Global Airline Award for 2024 by the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX). This prestigious recognition is grounded in robust passenger feedback and was unveiled during the APEX and International Flight Services Association awards ceremony held on September 20th in Long Beach, California.

Vietnam Airlines has now solidified its position among an elite cohort of 20 global airlines, including industry giants such as ANA, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, and Korean Air.

Dang Anh Tuan, the Executive Vice President of Vietnam Airlines, expressed profound pride in this achievement. He underscored the airline's unwavering commitment to elevating passenger services, with seamless and comfortable flights to hundred destinations worldwide. APEX CEO Dr. Joe Leader applauded Vietnam Airlines for its dedication to merging tradition with innovation in passenger experience. He lauded the airline's unique ability to meticulously integrate Vietnamese heritage with cutting-edge advancements. This fusion results in an authentic and exceptional flying experience. 

Vietnam Airlines operates one of Asia's youngest and most advanced fleets. Business Class passengers aboard Vietnam Airlines' Boeing 787 and A350 aircraft enjoy flatbed seats, while Economy Class travelers have access to personal inflight entertainment and power supply facilities. As the national airline of Vietnam, the carrier takes pride in promoting the country's culture through inflight videos, an expanded menu featuring seasonal fruits like lychee and longan, and the addition of six types of Vietnamese coffee.

Besides the APEX’s accolade, Vietnam Airlines has also achieved a Four Star designation from SkyTrax, the world's most prestigious air transport rating organization. Furthermore, it was recognized as a Top 10 international airline in a study conducted by Bounce, with an impressively low percentage of canceled flights at just 0.02%. Additionally, the airline was selected to host the World Aviation Safety and Operations Conference organized by the International Air Transport Association.

At Authentic Asia, we acknowledge the paramount importance of delivering a seamless and enriching travel experience in relation to the quality of the products we offer. This is precisely why we have selected Vietnam Airlines as our esteemed transportation partner. Our decision is driven by the unwavering commitment to ensuring that your guests enjoy the utmost level of service and authenticity while embarking on their journey of exploration throughout Asia.