Authentic Asia 10-Year Anniversary And Year End Party: Look Back To Look Forward

Thu, 01/16/2020 - 15:41


The year-end party is an annual tradition of Authentic Asia when entering a new year. This year party was a bit different because it also celebrated the 10th year of operation. More than just a get-together of the whole employees, we have shared beautiful memories to look back at the past and look forward to the future.

The opening ceremony was majestic with the traditional unicorn dance, the escort for prosperity and happiness. Then, the founder of Authentic Asia appeared on the stage, humble as usual. He gave a heartfelt thank to the employees and the company partners for hard-working and collaboration for not only a year but also a decade since the foundation of Authentic Asia.

More than that, it was time to remind the workforce about the early days of now a top destination management corporation in Southeast Asia. With a mission to bring “Easier Touch To Authentic Asia Experiences”, a group of young, enthusiastic travellers teamed up 10 years ago.

Authentic Asia was born and aims to be the best, the fastest-moving and the most convenient local destination management centre in Asian. Not only focusing on developing the most indigenous package tour with locally trained staff, but we also initiate professional ethics in an inspirational workplace. Our business philosophy is: “Respect the Nature, Love the People”.

From the beginning, our unique selling point is the local knowledge that combines emotions and experience through the human senses. Breathe the local air, hear the original stories,  taste the real cuisine, see the authentic culture, touch the true feel of travel. That’s what the guests can expect from Authentic Asia. As an employee, we have been told about it since the first day at work. But everytime I listen to those few words from the founder, the emotions always fill up because after many years, his passion and the company’s direction remain unchanged.

His enthusiasm to bring the most satisfaction and convenience to customers and partners has inspired many employees to progress in their career. Authentic Asia is an employee-oriented organization. Each individual has a clear career path and is provided with the best environment to develop their potentials.

Besides the formal speech of the board of management, the year-end party was a test for teamwork as there were plenty of collective games. We tried to make traditional Banh Chung and write some calligraphy together. In between the competition full of fun was though exchange among employees and managers. It was surprising and moving to know that the chief executives were aware of our habits like who needs a cup of coffee to begin his day, who don’t eat meat. That’s when we know we made the right choice for a long-life career.

The year-end party came to an end when the winners of the games and the high achievers at work got on stage for the award ceremony. The seed we planted continues to bear worthy fruit. If it hadn’t been for the contribution of the top performers, Authentic Asia wouldn’t have been moving so fast in the tourism industry. The prizes and awards were a means for the management to show their gratitude and recognition for exceptional individuals in the company.

In the 11st year of operation, new projects will be carried out in Authentic Asia. New flowers will blossom and many new targets will be achieved. But all the buds will rise towards the same mission and vision. We will never cease to bring the best travel products to the market, never stop to become an ideal workplace for individual development.

Let’s celebrate a decade of growth and look forward to a bright future at Authentic Asia!